European travelling on a budget

International travel is an everyday reality in the modern world; it’s extremely easy to get to pretty much any international location, provided that you have the money, and don’t mind spending the necessary time travelling. The selection of international choice with which we are all spoiled runs the risk of limiting otherwise great, more local holiday ideas, such as travelling around Europe. There’s a ridiculous amount of destinations and cities to visit and explore around Europe, offering a staggering degree of diversity, all while being sat practically on your door step.

“But”, we hear you cry, “there must be a catch! Surely such easily accessible delights are out of my price range!” While it’s true that such travel can be accomplished in a costly fashion, it’s also possible, if done the right way, to get around Europe on a budget; allowing you to fully absorb its rich variety without breaking the bank. Read on, and w’ll tell you how.


The same companies that can inexpensively convey you around the UK can also provide you with cost effective carriage to popular destinations all over the continent. The caveat with any of these discount bus services, provided by companies such as Megabus, is that you have to book your trip in advance; generally by more than a month, to ensure that you get the best prices. To be honest though, it’s best to plan a holiday with some time to spare in the first place, so this isn’t so much of a problem; especially when such foresight can net you a bus ticket from London to Barcelona for £20!


Rail is one of the most popular methods to see Europe on a budget, with InterRail tickets in particular experiencing a surge in popularity in recent years. An Interail ‘Global pass’ entitles a holder to up to a month of rail travel in 30 European countries; providing the ideal means to view the diverse breadth of Europe on a respectable budget.


While your first thought might be that air travel could not possibly compare to either of the two ground based alternatives discussed above in terms of cost, it actually stands up pretty well. The proliferation of budget airlines available to consumers has led to vicious competition between them in regards to prices, constantly driving them down; and in doing so, and benefiting diligent consumers.

The same rules as with budget ground based transportation do apply, though. In other words, the earlier you book, the cheaper your ticket is likely to cost.

… anyway you can

For those that aren’t as keen on booking ahead, or who simply wish for more flexibility on their holiday, hitchhiking is always an option. Indeed, hitchhiking is still a popular method for getting around Europe, and is therefore still a viable mode of transport for those who don’t mind an added element of unpredictability in their holiday plans. There are a variety of websites online that provide the facility for lift-sharing, or pre-booked hitching journey, provided you don’t mind paying for your portion of the fuel.

It goes without saying that any less-regulated mode of transport such as this should be approached with greater care than the other options listed above; even if booked online you are dealing with a comparative unknown. If you take necessary precautions, you’ll be fine, but it’s worth bearing in mind.

Travel on a budget, make sure you’re covered!

Of course, no matter how much money you can save on transportation costs, it’s important that you don’t skimp on insurance. Spending a holiday travelling around on a variety of different modes of conveyance could leave you stranded in a foreign land for all sorts of reasons. The last thing you need, should you find yourself holed up in a European hospital, is to have to shell out for transportation back to the UK upon release.

If you ensure that you have the correct level of cover for your European trip, you’ll be able to go about your holiday, knowing that, should the worst occur, you’re insulated from further financial burden. Besides, as well as providing wide-ranging European travel insurance, we also do so at an exceptional price; so you can see Europe on a tight budget without having to sacrifice your peace of mind.