Cruising in style can be risky

So, I’ve been as guilty as others when it comes to thinking back over my college days having just passed my driving test and cruising around in my white 3 door Metro with my friends crammed in the car and a mix tape playing full tilt believing we had reached the pinnacle of style but where’s the risk?

Ok, to be honest this blog isn’t about me and my white Metro (it was a 1.2 by the way in case you would like to know) but it is about making sure that when you go on a travel cruise holiday you have taken out specialist cruise travel insurance.

Seeing the cruise ships in the recent Jubilee celebrations (Cunard in particular cruising down to Southampton) and the numerous tug boats and celebratory ships in honour of the festivities made me think how amazing a cruise in 2012 would be.

At first thought it’s easy to overlook the requirements of having travel insurance for cruise holidays as for me a cruise is a time to relax, eat on board, travel to a few places, take in some light sightseeing and enjoy the cruise ships facilities from casinos and cinemas to onboard entertainment and relaxation treatments – so where’s the risk?

Firstly, you are floating on water and on a wide ranging potentially hazardous set of environmental circumstances from calm seas to storms and more.

Next, you are likely to try to cram in as many excursions as possible in as many destinations as possible – this will mean that you are subject to a wide range of activities that may require a level of risk assessment and insurance planning (just in case).

Oh, and I mentioned on board facilities, well that’s also going to include bars, and quite a lot of them. Now not everyone is like me (and I fear I am not painting myself in the very best light right now) but many bars on board, you have a swimming costume and you are in warm waters – hopefully nobody does do this but there is potential for impromptu swimming and I would always feel better knowing that I have covered all the practical things before the impromptu activities have the potential to occur.

Enjoy cruising in style, enjoy your travelling and most importantly enjoy the knowledge that your cruise travel insurance policy covers you for everything you need it to.

Written by:
Lee Wilson – I have been active in the online arena since completing my degree in business from Winchester Uni in 2003. Career wise I have worked as an online and direct marketing manager within the financial services sector covering the UK and USA for over 7 years as well as setting up and running my own online business prior to specialising in SEO.  Please do follow me on Google Plus, LinkedIn, and/or follow me on Twitter.