Cruise safely – on and off the ship

Following the recent Costa Concordia tragedy, cruise safety will be in the forefront of any cruise goers mind. Here are a few tips that may help make your cruise go more smoothly.

  • Before you leave ensure that the countries, event or specific area you will be travelling to have not been advised against by the Travel Advice Unit of the Foreign & commonwealth Office or the World Health Organisation.
  • Pay attention to the safety instructions which are given at the beginning of the cruise. This is where passengers are instructed on evacuation plans and told where to meet up (muster points) in case of emergencies.
  • When you leave your room make sure your door locks behind you and use the in-room safe to keep your valuables locked away when you are not there.
  • Before you travel, take a photocopy or scan of your passport and store it on your computer or give a copy to a friend – if your passport is lost or stolen it can make getting a replacement much easier.
  • If you have been prescribed medication, try and keep these on you at all times. If you fall ill when on another part of the ship it will be easier for medical staff to treat you.
  • Research your stop off points before you get there so that you are aware of the ‘no-go’ areas which should be avoided.
  • Book excursions and trips through the cruise line or another respectable agent. Be careful of people trying to sell you sightseeing trips and tours when you get off the ship.
  • Get specialist cruise travel insurance to cover you for cancellation, emergency medical expenses and personal possessions amongst other necessary covers.
  • Keep your travel insurance emergency medical assistance number with you at all times either stored on your mobile phone or in you wallet – you will need to call them if you are admitted to hospital otherwise your costs may not be paid.
Above all – bon voyage!