Couple gets compensation for ‘stressful’ cruise

A couple who complained that they were “treated like gipsies” on a cruise where they were given a penthouse suite with their own butler received £22,000 compensation, it has emerged.

Terence and Cynthia Milner, of Leeds, sued after their £59,000 “once in a lifetime” holiday on the maiden cruise of the Queen Victoria was disrupted by sleepless nights, stormy conditions and mouth ulcers.

When they complained about their noisy cabin they were upgraded to the penthouse suite and offered a series of other rooms but they said that they felt “trapped”.

Mrs Milner spent £4,300 on ball gowns ahead of the 15-week round-the-world sailing but the couple abandoned the “stressful” cruise after only six weeks, leaving the dresses unworn and an “unwelcome reminder” of the experience.

They opted to stay in a luxury resort in Honolulu and sail back on the QE2 rather than continue on the £270 million liner to Southampton and Singapore.

Despite receiving a £48,240 refund, they sued for “loss of enjoyment” and received £22,000 damages at Skipton County Court. Cunard is currently challenging the award at London’s Civil Appeal Court.

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