Car Hire Tips

If you have ever tried to hire a car abroad you will know that at the outset this can seem as if it is a daunting task. Hundreds of firms to look through and various options, offers and vehicles can make it seem impossible to make a decision.

Combatting this is easy, however, by simply taking the time to clearly think through what it is that you will require from your hired vehicle. How many people are going on your trip? Will you be taking a lot of equipment/luggage? How far will you be travelling? Answering these questions beforehand will make it much easier to enter into any negotiations or contracts without getting distracted or sidetracked.

The number of people travelling and the amount of luggage will help you to choose the type of vehicle you require. People movers are often a good choice as they offer lots of storage space as well as an above average amount of seats. However, if you are travelling as a couple then the extra cost of a people carrier may not be beneficial for you depending on your needs.

Possibly one of the most important questions to answer is how far you wish to travel. Knowing an expected amount of mileage will help you from making a mistake when choosing your package. Many car hire agencies offer various contracts that include a certain amount of mileage and stipulate that going over this amount will incur extra costs. It is important at this stage that you carefully read all the fine print so that you can take advantage of offers that may seem more expensive but that include more mileage. Organising a cheap deal that does not include mileage can be an extremely costly error when you return from your trip.

Another thing you will want to consider is ‘top up’ insurance. Most companies offer this insurance package when you book your rental but often this is not the best option so again it pays to shop around. In the UK, you can organise an `Excess Insurance Policy`. This policy covers the excess in the policy that the car hire company has on the car. The company will not pay in the event of an accident just as there are certain car parts they will not pay to fix such as glass, tyres and the underbody of the car.

So, although organising hire cars can seem daunting at first, you can avoid a lot of confusion and extra expense just by following these tips and carefully thinking through what it is that you require.

Once you have found your car hire don’t forget to insure your holiday. 24/7 travel insurance offers both Single Trip and Annual Multi-trip options so you can choose the policy that will best suit your needs.