Image of departures board in airport

Bored at the airport

Just like everyone else, I get very excited about going on holiday, packing my suitcase, preparing all the important paperwork ready to take with me. Checking the passports are in my hand luggage more than once and simply happy to be getting away from the usual, work, sleep and eat routine!

Unlike a lot of other people I really enjoy my time in the airport and on the plane, most just want to get off the other end and enjoy the sun, sea and sand at their holiday destination! But not me, the airport is all part of the holiday experience.

Short haul flights to European countries ask that you are checked-in 2 hours before your flight departs, but what do you do for those 2 hours at the airport? What about the Long-haul flights which ask you to be there 3 hours before scheduled departure?!

Boredom is bound to set in for those that aren’t necessarily excited to be sitting in the departure lounge counting down the minutes until they can wander off to find their gate number. But what is there to do at the airport to make time fly?

  • You have time to waste so don’t be in a rush to get through security. Just know that it will take some time to queue and be prepared to stand in line. Trying to be in a rush makes it feel like you are waiting twice as long.
  • Wander the shops and see if there are any last minute purchases you need, forgotten your favourite moisturiser, try boots! Need a pair of flip flops for the beach, I’m sure you will find some. There may not be much choice, you’re in an airport don’t forget! But at least you can spend some time picking up the items you left at home.
  • I make sure I don’t eat before I leave for the airport. Choosing where to eat, ordering your food, waiting for it to cook and then sitting down and eating it can surely last at least half an hour if you make it.
  • After food, I then make sure I have plenty of reading material for the flight. I have a kindle, so books I’m ok for but at least a couple of magazines to keep me entertained for an hour or so can usually be purchased at WH Smiths (I’m sure every airport has one!)
  • Magazines in hand, now for the snacks! You always need mints for when you get off the plane, but also something to nibble through such as a pack of minstrels (and I’m talking about a large bag that I don’t share)!

The five points above may not use up the full three hours you are waiting around but at least you have cut down the time you are counting down!

Unfortunately, being delayed at the airport is not fun and you certainly haven’t planned waiting any longer than you wanted to in the first place. Thankfully delays are usually less than an hour but if much longer you might be able to claim compensation from your travel insurance provider.