An activity weekend away in the UK

In this modern world of increasing levels of stress and longer work hours the traditional one holiday a year is no longer enough for most people. In order to break the humdrum routine and inject a little more excitement into the working year people are inserting a few weekends away rather than using all that well deserved time off at once.

This also gives happy holiday goers the chance to mix up their experiences rather than visiting one area. It offers the opportunity to enjoy a sleek city break in the spring, a skiing trip in the winter, a relaxing few days at the beach in the summer and an adrenaline fuelled, activity, adventure weekend in the autumn.

If it`s a fun filled weekend of activities that you`re interested in you needn`t travel to far off shore to find it, the UK has no shortage of entertainment for all fitness levels. A few ideas for activities that you can plan into your weekend are listed below.

Target shooting

Although generally considered a more masculine activity, ladies do not be put off from giving it a go and showing the men what you`re made of. Target shooting can be a fantastic group activity and due to most ranges having space for 5-6 shooters at once, you needn`t spend your day standing around waiting.

Target shooting ranges can be found across the country and many offer other fantastic activities that can be combined into your day. If you`re in Leeds or York then consider having a go at tank driving, archery and releasing your inner monkey on their ropes course. Bath, Bristol, Bournemouth and Cardiff however offer a fantastic course that include quad bikes, racing buggies, archery and cross bows, clay pigeon shooting, blind land rover driving and even the chance to test a hover craft, although you can only choose a few of these activities to cram into your day.

If it is the clay pigeon shooting in particular that you fancy trying your arm at then you can basically travel to any corner of the UK and not be too far from somewhere that will offer you the opportunity.

It’s a knock out!

Since the popular TV show began in 1966 and dominated our television screens for the best part of thirty years, It`s a Knockout has had a special place in the hearts of the British public as each viewer thinks that they could do it!

Well perhaps it`s time to put that optimism to the test and see who out of your friends or family really does have what it takes. It`s a Knockout courses run across the country in: Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, London, Nottingham and York to name just a few.

Paintballing and Go Karting

These are two of the most popular leisure activities and can be found pretty much everywhere, so wherever you decide to spend your holiday weekend don`t forget to research where the nearest facilities are.

Canyoning and Coasteering

For something a little different and not for the faint hearted, canyoning and coasteering can provide hours of entertainment. Canyoning combines all the heart pounding thrills of climbing up and down cliffs, through gorges, scaling waterfalls and navigating rapids as you wade through rivers.

Coasteering is slightly different and comprises of basically climbing up, jumping off and swimming through almost every possible coastal surface. Don`t worry though; you will have an instructor with you to help with the tricky bits! You can find both of these daunting activities in Cardiff and Swansea. More canyoning is also offered in Liverpool, Chester and Edinburgh.

Clearly the UK has a lot more than only this handful of activities to offer and if you`re running a little low on money saving money needn’t be an issue as there are plenty of options that can fit quite snugly into a tighter budget.

Don’t forget your travel insurance for cancellation cover as soon as you have booked!