A week at Disney World, Florida with the family

As the mecca of modern childhood, a trip to Disney World, Florida, is every kid’s dream. Anyone planning a family trip to Disney World will want to ensure their trip runs as smoothly as possible. We take a look at some top tips and hints to get the most from your family vacations to Disney World, Florida.

When to Go

If you can, its best to go outside of the school holidays as it’s much quieter. Depending on how warm you like it, outside of the height of summer will be more comfortable. Florida averages over 30 degrees Celsius during July and August so pack plenty of hats and sun cream if you visit then. If you like feeling festive during December then the run up to Christmas is another great time to visit. The magic of Disney really comes alive for children during this holiday.

Saving Money

If you want to try and save some money then it`s worth taking your own drinks and food in for the day. Alternatively there are options for the Disney Dining Plan which can save money if you intend on eating out for every meal. Make sure you have plenty of batteries and chargers etc before you go as you will probably pay a little more to buy these items in the theme park.

Practical Stuff

There are a great number of practical tips to help you get the most from your trip to Disney World to help avoid any hiccups. Here are a few useful tips:

  • Before you leave, download the Disney Parks Mobile Magic App which will keep you updated with ride wait times, where the characters are at any given time and can even help with reservations for eating.
  • Write down the car park area you are in as the car park is vast and the last thing you want is to be wandering around for hours trying to find your car. Some people take a photo of it so they know exactly where it is.
  • Make sure you have waterproof clothing in case it rains and also a waterproof bag to put belongings in; the water rides can get you pretty wet.
  • As the waiting times for rides can be long make sure you have plenty to keep you occupied. Pack some kids books and maybe some travel games into your day bag to keep them entertained whilst you wait. For anyone who doesn’t enjoy standing up for too long then a simple travel stool will do your back a favour during long waits.
  • Make sure you have your family travel insurance before you go. Medical costs in the US can be quite high so it’s always good to be prepared.
Let’s be honest, whatever happens you are going to have a great time and the kids are going to enjoy the trip of a lifetime. But going at the right time, considering a few money saving ideas and following these practical tips will all help ensure your trip runs smoothly. Once you get there your only thoughts will be on life insurance as you hold on tight during those white-knuckle rides, but don`t worry, you’re in good hands.