A guide to a Driving holiday in the USA

A road trip in the USA can be one of life`s great adventures. The country is so vast and its states and regions so varied that there are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to a driving holiday. Many people have been inspired by the excitement and potential of an American road trip by reading Jack Kerouac`s famous novel, On The Road, or by watching films such as Easy Rider.

Where you go on your American driving holiday is a matter of personal choice but does depend to a large extent on how much time you have and where in the country you will be arriving.

Those who have a lot of time to spend there could perhaps undertake one of the longest road trips and travel all the way across the continent, from New York to California (or vice versa). This, of course, could take weeks or even months but would really provide you with some great experiences of the country. You could travel straight across or, more interestingly, loop southwards and drive through the fascinating southern states.

For those with less time on their hands, a trip down the western coastline of America would be a good choice. Starting in the rather cool and rainy Pacific North West and then following the coastal road all the way down through California would make a wonderful driving holiday. How long it took would really depend on how fast you travel and how many stops you make along the way.

A shorter Californian driving holiday might involve a trip around the famous wine-growing areas of the Napa Valley. The beautiful countryside and long, winding roads provide a perfect location for a relaxing break. Wine lovers in particular will appreciate such a trip, as the region is home to many award-winning wine producers. You can stop off at most of them and receive a warm welcome, as well as an opportunity to try the wines. Remember to have a designated driver who will abstain from such pleasures, however.

Choosing the right car for your holiday is essential but depends largely on how long you are going for and the kind of terrain you will be driving over and do ensure you take out the appropriate car hire insurance.

When it comes to car hire, however, you will be spoilt for choice. Almost every type of vehicle can be rented at a reasonable cost, from small compact cars to the huge SUVs that are so popular in America.

When it comes to insuring yourself and your party, worldwide travel insurance from 24/7 travel insurance can provide cover in the even of a cancellation. This can include non-refundable deposits you may have paid for your car hire. Please read the policy wording to ensure you are familiar with the cover.