5 Ways to Cope With Flight Delays

Being delayed at an airport can be unpleasant and stressful especially if you have kids to entertain. A recent example is when the Icelandic volcano eruptions shut down European airspace and many passengers were stuck waiting to get home.

Here are a few ideas to help cope if your flight is delayed:

  • Don’t scream and shout at staff – although obvious it is worth noting. Screaming at airport staff doesn’t help matters, it is not their fault and they are just doing their job trying to help you. Stay calm, it helps your blood pressure and everyone around you is in the same boat.
  • Make sure your gadgets are fully charged. Nothing worse than trying to make a phone call to let your relatives know you will be late and your phone battery dying. When waiting in the airport, switch your laptop on and see if you can get an internet connection and surf the net a while to use up some time. Play on your mobile phone, call someone for a chat or just sit back and listen to your latest MP3 downloads.
  • Move around and get some grub, sit in the restaurants/fast-food outlets seating area and view the airport from a different angle. This can use up time more quickly than grabbing your food and darting straight back to your seat you have already been in for 4 hours.
  • Ensure that you have packed your carry on luggage correctly and included any medication you may take on a regular basis, even if you are expecting to be at your destination by the time you are due to take your next one. You never know how long a delay may be.
  • Read your travel insurance policy carefully as you may be covered for delay and can claim back some money once you have finished your trip.
Don’t forget to take out your travel insurance cover just in case a delay does happen as well as all the other events that can cause you to be out of pocket. 24/7 travel insurance provides cover for a 3 day break to Germany for just £6.02** Premium £6.02 includes Insurance Premium Tax based on an adult aged 18-54 taking out a ‘Standard’ Single Trip 24/7 travel insurance policy excluding personal possessions cover in Europe. Cover details and prices are correct at time of going to press (8th July 2011) and are subject to change. You must read the policy wording to ensure you are familiar with your cover.