Ski and Winter sports travel insurance

5 Top Tips for your Winter Sports Holiday

With the skiing and snowboarding season now in full swing, many of you will be heading for the slopes.

Here are 5 winter sports tips we have put together to help keep you safe on the piste:

1. Use of helmets

It’s a personal choice but more and more skiers and snowboarders are choosing to wear helmets and in some resorts it is a legal requirement for children to wear them. Also, some travel policies require you to wear a helmet to be covered on the slopes. There are a wide range of helmets to buy and some of them even look quite stylish!

2. Know your limits

Alcohol can impair your judgement, co-ordination and reaction time and drinking at altitude will affect you more quickly. Also, be aware that most travel insurers will not pay out if you injure yourself or others whilst intoxicated.

3. Sun protection

There are two main options for eye protection: ski goggles or sunglasses. Make sure the goggles or sunglasses you use offer 100% UV protection. There is nothing worse than being dazzled by the sun and you can’t see where you’re going! Also, wear an appropriate strength sun cream as the sun is stronger at altitude.

4. Get fit before you go!

You will enjoy your skiing or snowboarding all the more if you are physically fit and it can save you from having to keep stopping for a rest! Also, remember to warm up and do stretches before and after your activities.

5. Winter sports insurance

Skiing and snowboarding is fun but carry risks especially when the slopes are busy and the chances of having an accident are higher. Also, equipment is expensive, so you need cover in case they are stolen. Check the policy wording for the activities you are covered for and for any exclusions applying to winter sports.

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