5 Things to do in Fiji

When I think of Fiji I think of, yellow sand, blue seas, cloudless skies and palm trees lining the beach, but surely there must be so much more to Fiji. Let’s take a look at just 5 top things to do:

1. Sail the island 

There are many types of cruises available round the island of Fiji.

Take a day cruise and explore some of the uninhabited islands, including the island of Modriki which was used in the famous Tom Hanks’ film Castaway. Snorkel in the lagoons and swim in the clear blue seas. Include lunch and dinner with your cruise and really relax on-board your ship.

Some longer cruises include activities such as fishing, diving, kayaking, biking and more. You can get a five-night cruise costing from F$2600 and will including all meals and all activities except diving. You get to visit some beautiful remote islands along your route and experience first class accommodation on-board.

2. Visit a market 

There are some popular markets in Suva, Fiji. The Handicraft Centre features endless market stalls where you can lose time wandering round the handmade gifts and artefacts.

Other markets sell homemade food, arts, crafts, fish, fruit and vegetables. Be careful that what you buy may not be as genuine as the seller may say it is. Be prepared to barter and grab some deals!

3. The South Indian fire-walking festival 

During July or August the art of fire walking is the most extraordinary cultural rituals held by Fijians. Traditionally it was performed on special occasions but today it is performed only for tourists and doesn’t hold a lot of religious meaning.

You can catch performances of locals walking on fire at the Pacific Harbour Arts Village, at the larger resort hotels, and at Suva’s annual Hibiscus Festival.

4. Learn about the history of Fiji 

Why not visit the Fiji Museum and learn about the evolution of Fiji. With remarkable collections over 100 years old, original examples of musical instruments, cooking utensils, war items and much more, the museum captures the history of the Fijians along with the way it has been influenced by the Western culture.

The museum is located in the heart of Suva’s botanical gardens and is open Monday to Saturday.

5. Go on an adventure

Discover Fiji with a tour by the people who know the country. Choose from a wide range of activities that show you the real Fiji, from river canoeing to seeing some spectacular waterfalls, to bamboo rafting.

Extend your tour to a few days and visit small villages, learn the history of the area you are touring in, see native birds, Fijian culture and simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings this country has to offer.

Fiji is located 2,000km northeast of New Zealand and consists of 322 islands, of which 106 are inhabited. It is a very popular destination for backpackers because it is close to Australia and New Zealand. Ensure you have sufficient travel insurance that covers you for any activity that you will take part in, backpackers insurance can include certain sports and activities but check with the provider before travelling.