4 dangerous activities you didn’t think you would be covered for

Not content with soaking up the sun by the side of a pool, some travellers choose to make the most of their precious holiday time by pushing their nerves to the limit. With adventure holidays on the rise we take a look at some of the most extreme holiday activities which can be covered under your travel insurance policy.

Adding cover for these types of hazardous activities will include an additional premium. If you are unsure if the policy will cover you, contact the travel insurance provider first to confirm.

Shark Diving

The idea of donning a wetsuit, climbing into a cage and being dropped into shark infested water may sound terrifying, and it is. But the experience is one which is well worth the risk. Shark diving varies considerably depending on where you go, some offer cages while others offer a closer experience, swimming freely with the animals. This obviously depends on the types of sharks you will be swimming with as some are more “friendly” than others.

One thing which stays the same is how awe inspiring these animals are and to be this close to one of nature’s most successful predators is a real honour (not to mention adrenaline rush).

Despite strict safety precautions being in place to prevent any harm coming to the diver or the sharks themselves, it is important to remember that these are very dangerous wild animals and should not be taken for granted. Always follow the advice of your diving instructor, research the organisation you will be diving with and stay safe.

Bull Running

Usually associated with the festival of San Fermin in the city of Pamplona, the encierro, or the running of the bulls is an annual celebration with rich historical meaning. Stemming from the need to get the bulls from outside of the city and into the bull ring ready for the matadors.  Nowadays it attracts countless travellers from all over the world to watch and even partake in the run.

The run itself is as fast paced and chaotic as you would imagine with a large number of people are used to ensure the safety of the runners.

Pastores (bull shepherds) are spread throughout the course, armed with a long stick, their role is to keep the bulls moving in the right direction and to herd any stranglers back to the pack.

Dobladores are a key part of the run, often ex bull fighters they have good bullfighting knowledge and are situated inside the bullring itself to help the runners spread out and climb the fences.

With a numerous injuries each year, this is defiantly not an activity for the feint hearted.

Cave tubing

A far cry from the lazy river, cave tubing sees you floating in rubber rings inside deep caves and caverns. With only a rope to help you manoeuvre through the fast moving water and dark caves it can be a very dangerous activity. Some of the best locations in the world for cave tubing can be found in places such as Belize or New Zealand.

If you can overcome the claustrophobia, cave tubing is an incredible experience and the only way to see inside of some of these ancient cave systems.

Ice Diving

Possibly the least relaxing and arguably the most dangerous activities on our list, ice diving is a true test of nerves. One of the most common types of ice diving is done on frozen lakes, cutting holes in the ice, divers swim on a tether under the surface. Accompanied with a team of people on the surface ready to jump in on a moment’s notice, the diver uses his tether to communicate with the surface team, each series of tugs meaning something different.

Before anyone attempts ice diving there must be a degree of training to understand and help appreciate the dangers you could be facing. Hyperthermia, frostbite and drowning are the most obvious perils facing anyone doing a dive, but there are numerous other dangers which need to be understood.

No matter what kind of activity you are considering, it is vital that you follow the safety procedures, listen to the experts and enjoy yourself.

Help with buying Travel Insurance

24/7 travel insurance (Single Trip, Annual Multi-trip, Last Minute and Cruise) does cover these activities under additional activity packs that will cost extra. Please make sure you select the correct activity pack and if you need help please contact us.

Here are the activities listed above and the activity pack they are included in:

Shark Cage Diving – Activity Pack 2

Shark Free Diving – Activity Pack 8

Bull Running – Activity Pack 8

Cave Tubing – Activity Pack 8

Ice Diving – Activity Pack 8